Westport Beekeepers next meeting 7th May 24

This is just a quick reminder that our next meeting will be tomorrow evening at 20:00 at Teagasc as usual. Ger Hyland will be talking to us about queen rearing and the use of Apideas. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Westport Beekeepers next monthly meeting 2/04/24

We welcome everyone to our next Beekeepers meeting in the Teagasc Center, Westport, Mayo on the 2nd of April. The meeting topic will be: *The Asian Hornet and its Threat to the Native Black Bee* Speaker is Mary Walsh, who gave a talk about the Asian Hornet to the Mayo Beekeepers in Ballina recently. This…

Westport Beekeepers next monthly meeting 5/3/24

Our next meeting is coming up over the horizon and I hope we will be able to welcome you there once again. It will be on March 5th at the Teagasc Centre, as usual. We will be welcoming our member Colm Keane, who will be talking to us about the use of an EpiPen (in…

Westport Beekeepers Beginners Course 2024

We the Westport Beekeepers are planning to present a Beekeeping Beginners Course over 8 evenings starting @ 7.00pm from 4th March 2024 using an online platform to deliver it virtually. To register for the course you will have to become a member of the Westport Beekeepers Association. Please fill out the attached application form, pay…

First Club meeting of 2024

Next meeting Tuesday February 6th. Ger Hyland will talk about what treatments certified by the department of agriculture are available for use for the control of verroa and how to administer it properly according to the instructions.

Westport Beekeepers Beginners Course 2024.

We the Westport Beekeepers are planning to provide a Beekeeping Beginners Course again this year 2024 (date and times to be announced later). If you are interested in taking part in the course email the club secretary with your contact information for to be on the Beekeeping Beginners Course as soon as possible.

Our final club meeting of the year 2023

*Our final meeting of 2023 is coming up on December 5th 2023* Club member Henry Horkan will talk about his experience of making and working his bees in his “Top Bar Hives” This should be an interesting presentation all about the advantages and disadvantages of the Top Bar Hive. We also will talk about what…

Westport Beekeepers first meeting since the summer break!

Hello Westport Beekeepers. I hope ye had a good summer and that your bees are doing well, despite the weird weather. I would like to invite you to our first post-summer meeting of 2023. It will be held at the Westport Teagasc Centre on Tuesday September 5th and will commence at 8.00 pm. Our guest speaker…

*Our next club meeting is Tuesday, May 2nd*

Teagasc Westport at 8PM We will be welcoming Jude Walsh, Ballina Beekeepers, who is a commercial beekeeper. He will be speaking about his *Experience in Beekeeping* This should be an interesting talk on apiculture. Look forward to seeing you there.