• Westport Beekeepers Intermediate Class 2015

    Westport Beekeepers Intermediate Class who received their Intermediate Certificates in the Theory & Practice of Beekeeping set by FIBKA, at the The Western Beekeepers Spring Lectures in Galway.

  • Beginners Class 2016

    'NEWBEES' The Westport Beginners class of 2016, who attended a Beekeeping course over two days delivered by the Westport Beekeepers, on Saturday and Sunday 16 & 17 April at the Teagasc Centre on the Newport Rd Westport.

  • The Beginners class of 2015

    The Westport Beginners class of 2015, who attended a Beekeeping course delivered by FIBKA, CFL Lecturer Gerry Ryan, Tipperary, on Saturday and Sunday 11 & 12 April at the Teagasc Centre on the Newport Rd Westport.

  • Greetings from Westport

    A typical warm welcome shown by members of W.B.K.A. to our beautiful town of Westport on the shores of lovely clew bay on the parade on St Patricks Day :)

  • Club Apiary and its hives.

    Our club apiary setup and opened when the club was formed in 2010, used especially for educational and training purposes.

  • Croagh Patrick and it’s surroundings.

    Croagh Patrick from the south east and surrounding area,

  • ‘Newbees’ Beginners of 2014

    The candidates of the beginners course 2014, with their tutor's Gerry & Mary Ryan, Tipperary.

Date of Next Meeting Click Here
 Tuesday 1st Nov 2016,

Tá Fáilte Romhat – Welcome to Westport’s Beekeepers Associations website.

A hearty warm welcome to you, thank you for visiting our website and I hope you enjoy your stay.We are a small association of people who enjoy bees and beekeeping (and honey!).

The aim of the web site is to serve the members of the WBKA in an effort to get the most out of each other, our bees, and life in general. Here in Westport there were a small number of beekeepers who kept beehives. In autumn 2009 we decided to form a Beekeepers Club for the first time in Westport, it is affiliated with the Federation of Irish Beekeepers since February 2010.

We are very keen to attract new members and hope to expand the numbers in the coming years. If you are interested in beekeeping or thinking of joining our club, please come along to any of our meetings or click on ‘How to join’ to get further information.
To browse through our developing website, please use the navigation bar at the left hand side to view the different pages.

This is our ‘Home’ page. If you are re-visiting the site, you may wish to click on ‘News & Events’ to see what’s been added or changed. On our website, you will find details about our programme of lectures and demonstrations which we will run over the winter months, amongst other information, articles and news updates.

We hold our meetings at the Teagasc Centre, Newport Road, Westport, on the first Tuesday of each month with the exception of the summer months.

Bees are fascinating, industrious little creatures but BEE warned, as what starts out as a passing interest may become something of an obsession.You will find great enjoyment from keeping one of nature’s most wondrous creatures.
It is well worth joining our association where we endeavour to encourage and inspire you to bring bees into your life.


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