Westport Beekeepers next monthly meeting 2/04/24


We welcome everyone to our next Beekeepers meeting in the Teagasc Center, Westport, Mayo on the 2nd of April.

The meeting topic will be: *The Asian Hornet and its Threat to the Native Black Bee*

Speaker is Mary Walsh, who gave a talk about the Asian Hornet to the Mayo Beekeepers in Ballina recently.

This is a hugely important topic, as we are under the threat of this pest coming to Ireland and destroying our bee colonies. It not only decimates the Honey Bee but it will feed and destroy any other insects/bees to survive.

It is the opinion of many that it may very likely be already in Ireland, but not recognised or reported yet, so do plan on attending and hearing about what to look out for and see what traps are available to help during the Summer/Autumn season.