WBKA next meeting will be 3/9/19 in the Teagasc Centre, Westport @ 8.00pm.


Please Support!! Thanks again to the TESCO Store, Westport, for giving us an opportunity in their store with a bucket for shoppers to put their blue tokens into to support the Westport Beekeepers in their journey to save the Honey Bee and all pollinators in the area. Starting Monday 24th June 2019. Please tell all your friends to think of the Bees.

Unlike last year! June has been dreadful here in the West of Ireland with rain and wind making beekeeping difficult to keep up with inspections!

Some early nuc’s have been found starving along with many hives who were late starters and has little reserves in their supers. What was looked on as a honey crop from the thorn bushes and other flowers is now been consumed by the bees to stay alive!

Finding slow mating of queens in a lot of areas! resulting in having to insert a test frame of eggs to satisfy if a Queen is present! with no pollen or nectar coming in a Queen will be slow to start laying. Advice is keep feeding syrup 1:1 to keep them alive until the weather improves! HOPEFULLY.