Beginners Courses

Westport Beekeepers Beginners Course.

We the Westport Beekeepers are planning to present a Beekeeping Beginners Course in early March 2021 using Zoom platform to deliver it virtually. To sign up or learn more, contact Noel on the secretary’s email:

Beekeeping Course

  Pictured after attending a two day course on beekeeping given to beekeepers and intending beekeepers of the Westport Beekeepers Association in the Teagasc Centre, Westport who intend sitting their Preliminary Beekeeping Exam in May. Many thanks to our course lecturers who traveled from Drum, Co Tipperary for the weekend to deliver the ‘Beekeeping Course’:

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Improvers Beekeeping Course

Westport Bee keeping Association Improvers Beekeeping Course Topics Beekeeping Acquiring Bees Local Association Understanding Swarming Its causes Signs of it about to happen How to deal with it before a swarm and after How to fix it when it’s gone wrong Disease Problematic Ones Varroa Acarine Dangerous one AFB  American Foul Brood EFB  European Foul Brood

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