Westport Beekeepers monthly meeting is on Tuesday evening in the Teagasc Centre on the Newport Rd Westport @ 8.00 pm. Giving the talk at the meeting is the well known beekeeper and lecturer Ben Harden, best known all over especially on the internet for his “Simple method of Raising Honey Bee Queen Cells” Ben keeps

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Westport Beekeepers meeting 4th September 2018 @ 8.00pm

Reminder that our monthly meeting start again on Tuesday 4th September after our summer break at 8.00 pm in the Teagasc Centre on the Newport Road, Westport. We will have the Certificates for those who completed the Beginners Course and will be discussing how to prepare your hive for the winter. Any questions or problems

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November meeting

November 6th 2012 – Tuesday night Committee Meeting: 7.30pm Club Monthly Meeting: 8.00pm API BIOXAL AS A WINTER TREATMENT FOR VARROA CONTROL We are honoured to have Dr Mary Coffey to give a talk and practical demonstration on how to apply API BIOXAL product as an alternative treatment for varroa, and it to work alongside APIGUARD. Dr

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January Meeting

There was time for a lesson in frame assembly at the January meeting! Note: I have checked some of our hives and noticed that they are low in stores, I would advise you to have a look at yours as they may need some feed to help them survive! How to make fondent! I think this

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